Terms & Conditions

Digilab London will fulfil orders for its customers on the basis that the customer understands and accepts the terms and conditions as outlined below. The terms prevail over any written terms and conditions provided by Digilab London customers. Any variation of the terms must be agreed with Digilab London.


Customers must either (a) own the copyright of any images to be processed or (b) have obtained the necessary permissions of the copyright owner/s to process the image/s in the formats and numbers agreed by the copyright owner/s. Digilab London reserves the right to contact the copyright owners to confirm the customer has obtained the necessary copyright clearance. The customer by placing an order with Digilab London accepts they (the customer) have obtained the necessary copyright permissions as a result agree to indemnify Digilab London against all costs, claims and demands howsoever or whatsoever arising in respect of verification of copyright authority or any alleged breach of copyright by Digilab London. The copyright in any artwork or design created by Digilab London or its employees or agents is retained by Digilab London.


Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of the initial quotation being given by Digilab London. The price applies for the exact specification detailed on the quotation. Digilab London reserve the right to change the quotation should the client's requirements differ from the initial quotation.
Orders should be given in writing by post, ftp, email or fax. Digilab London will accept verbal orders but will not be responsible should any mistakes by the client or Digilab London occur (in respect of the order details) in the fulfilment of a verbal order.


Terms are strictly payment with order and can be made by cash or credit card. Digilab London will consider, at its sole discretion, opening accounts with payment terms for customers who have built up a trading history with Digilab London. Without exception full payment must be made for an order before it can be collected or will be sent from Digilab London.


All orders are sent without exception via a tracking delivery service. Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery will be used as standard, with Special Delivery available for urgent orders. Customers must sign for items in the case of Recorded or Special Delivery. Digilab London will not be responsible for losses in the case of deliveries that are not signed for.
A courier service will be used for heavier orders (Over 2kg). Digilab London will use a standard next day service unless a timed delivery is requested and paid for prior to despatch.


Digilab London requests that customers specify the paper type with their order. Digilab London will use matt paper as standard. Without prior specification from the client as to the paper type to be used, Digilab London will not be responsible should the standard matt paper subsequently not be required by the client.
Images should be supplied in jpeg or tiff formats only. Information and advice on preparation and sending files is available via the "Upload Photos" section of the website. Digilab London prices relate to prepared files – prices to not include any form of colour management or image correction. Unless the necessary advice and payment is made during the order process images will be printed as supplied. See the "Retouching and Design" section under "Services" for more information on the image correction services we provide.
An ICC profile is available on request for accurate calibration purposes together with help on installation and advice on calibration.
Digilab London will not be responsible for the safe storage of customer's image files, data files or previous order specifications. Customer's material is therefore held by Digilab London at the customer's own risk and the customer is responsible for the insurance of this material at their own expense. Digilab London, at its' sole discretion, may agree to store material for customers after an appropriate period of trading history and trust between the parties has been established.
No claim of consequential loss relating to the delivery, fulfilment or any other factors relating to any order will considered by Digilab London.
Digilab London will not be responsible for the failure to fulfil orders due to factors beyond its control (including but not limited to) – The failure of third parties to perform their obligations such as failure to supply materials or servicing resulting in Digilab London being unable to fulfil orders. Acts of God, natural disasters, war, fire, flooding etc.